Porting to Pelican

This is an interesting thing to try. Switching from wordpress to Pelican.

Pelican is a python based tool for creating a blog using a markup language, in my case markdown, and a script to generate static HTML files into a nice, convenient theme and manage moving things around from the index page, rebuilding references and the like.


My reasoning should be obvious to anyone hosting a site somewhere, but I'll break it down for sake of anyone who just used a tool or service.

  • Wordpress requires a database, thus a memory hogging service like MySQL.
  • Wordpress requires PHP and that uses memory and CPU also.

What does that have to do with Pelican?

  • Pelican uses static HTML, so only requires the web server itself (nginx/apache).
  • Pelican uses disk space. (Yeah, I said it just so I could use bullet points).

What that means is I can host it literally anywhere and moving it around just requires uploading some files. So far? A decent experience. Now to learn the details.

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