About Me

I’m yet another geek on the web wasting time on a blog. I’m a linux admin, general fix-it tech, part time network admin and I have some unusual hobbies. I used to play games (not so much anymore) like WoW, EVE, Portal, Farcry 2, SC, and even games you’ve never heard of like SWMUD, Darkspace, and I even dabbled in PlaneShift for giggles.

You’ll catch me talking about Things Tech®, things I think are stupid, and likely posting about fun tools like Blender 3d, LMMS, GIMP, and the random stuff I find on the android marketplace that likely only super-geeks will understand, like how cool connectbot is for letting me admin my servers from anywhere.

Don’t worry though, I’ll try to keep it intelligible to the uninitiated, especially if start going on about linux. If you’re lucky, I might even post instructions to things that anyone can follow. This is a great way to keep tabs on stuff I’d like not to forget, though I may just break down and create a wikimedia site for that.

life lessons Open Standards linux bash scripts ffmpeg gaming browser OS ubuntu